Characteristics of Good Quality Meat

Characteristics of Good Quality Meat

Buying meat can be tricky for beginners. If you have no experience buying meat, you might have no idea about freshness and cut. Fortunately, it is possible to identify good quality cuts through experience. Fresh meat might be difficult to buy because you need to get it as fresh as possible.

Deli meats, on the other hand, are already preserved so they will stay fresh for a long time. When buying good quality meat, it is advisable to do some inspection by looking at it and also smelling. You can check details on Chicago Steak Company before buying meat. Here are some characteristics to check when buying meat:


Color can be an indication of freshness when inspecting meat. Check for the freshness of beef by checking the color. Beef does not have one color, and various factors will influence the color. Your beef might look different depending on the breed and also the age of the animal. However, if your beef has black in color, it is a sign that it is not fresh. The dark color is not always a good sign for beef.

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Marbling is an important characteristic when inspecting beef for quality. You might not see marbling in other types of meat like poultry. It is possible to see marbling because of the red color of meat.

If you are looking for grass-fed beef, you will notice that it has a lean look and does not have excessive marbling. Corn fed beef tends to have yellow fat, and the marbling is more defined.


Using your sense of smell, it is very easy to identify the freshness of meat. Unlike popular belief, even fresh meat still has some smell. You will notice a slight smell, but it will not be uncomfortable. If the smell is becoming uncomfortable, there are chances that the meat has gone bad.


If your meat has already been preserved, it might be not easy to look for freshness. There are a variety of preservation methods, such as curing meat. Cured meat might be dry, but it can also be wet depending on the method used. We also have meat that has been preserved through freezing to keep the freshness.

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The packaging is everything when determining the quality of meat. You can check the packaging to know the kind of company that you are dealing with. If you want to check for quality, you can look at the expiration date on the packaging. Good quality packaging is always a sign that the company is committed to quality.